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This helpful article shows how programmatically restricts an access to individual pages of a site without using heavy modules and using only one field and a few lines of the code.
Redirect to edit mode after cloning the node.

While Replicating Nodes using Replicate and Replicate UI Module, I found that the module will publish a node immediately after replication. What I would like is when it is replicated the replicated (cloned) node opens in edit mode so that a content manager can make the necessary changes before publishing it.

Drupal 8: Creating modal windows (pop-ups) with a form

Modal windows/dialog (AKA pop-ups) are great and provide a great experience for the end user - they allow for a quick display of content in an overlay without navigating to another page. Fortunately, it’s relatively straightforward to implement in Drupal 8.

Programmatically create/update a title for a new node

Here's how to do it with an entity builder callback without any additional contrib module like "Automatic Entity Label" or "Automatic Nodetitles", using only Drupal core functionality.

CSS & JS: Make Youtube responsive

You can make YouTube videos responsive with CSS. Wrap the iframe in a div with the class of "youtube-container" and apply the styles.