drupal - update an alias programmatically

When you use the "pathauto" module, and want to make the node's URL depends on your custom field you can create a pattern using a token, however, what can you do if the field is boolean and you want to make a human path? In this case, you can implement it programmatically. I going to show how to fix it very quickly.

Autocomplete Address Form

We are going to be building a basic address form and we are going to use the Google Maps and Places JavaScript APIs to autofill the form when the user types any address or postal code fields.

Drupal Console

The Drupal console makes use of the Symfony console and other third-party components that automatically generate most of the code needed for the Drupal 8 module. In addition to this, the console allows you to interact with your Drupal project.

For members only

This helpful article shows how programmatically restricts an access to individual pages of a site without using heavy modules and using only one field and a few lines of the code.

Redirect to edit mode after cloning the node.

While Replicating Nodes using Replicate and Replicate UI Module, I found that the module will publish a node immediately after replication. What I would like is when it is replicated the replicated (cloned) node opens in edit mode so that a content manager can make the necessary changes before publishing it.