Yahoo Finance + Highstock or Chart.js

The example which shows how to build a nice chart using a minimum of JS code written.

equalHeight DIV tweaks

A simple JavaScript code to equalise heights of multiple elements on a page. The basic idea is to measure all of their heights and then set all their heights to that of the tallest one.

Theme a form in drupal 8

How render/override/customize/theme any drupal form with and without a custom template? Easy!

Own custom breadcrumb

When in front of me there was a task to make a simple site with breadcrumbs, which can show me the necessary view I started looking my familiar and beloved path_breadcrumbs. However, the module has been for Drupal 7 only. So I had to quickly write my own module.

Custom Publishing Options and Devel Generate

In my work, I often use this great module "Custom Publishing Options" together with "devel_generate" module for generating "Lorem Ipsum" content, however, "devel_generate" doesn't know anything about "custom_pub" and "custom_pub" always without values. In this tweak, I going to show how to fix it.