drupal 8 custom breadcrumbs

When in front of me there was a task to make the site with specific breadcrumbs for specific pages, I applied a very simple and quick solution without the contrib modules. Just a few simple PHP lines in the custom module.

Drupal view - sort Datetime by time only

Working on one project for the KWALL company, we needed to sort the list of TV programs/events by time ignoring the date. We have created a custom views sort plugin for it.

Drupal: Custom Form Layouts

By using layout plugin we can easy to create own layouts for node add/edit forms. In this article a brief instruction on how to create a custom layout for the form.

A custom validator for checking the field depending on the value of another field

In one project I use two independent date fields "Start Date" and "End Date". Both fields are optional. But if "End Date" is selected, I need to check "Start Date", so the first field shouldn't be empty and "End Date" should be greater or equal. This code shows how I implemented the solution.

 Example of gulp file

In this crib is a ready-made example of a gulp file that you need to take and use. Suitable for any project and solves the most frequent and necessary tasks when developing a theme, work with SASS, Images, Icons.